How To Navigate An Airport Quickly

There’s nothing worse than finally reaching your destination and having to wait around for hours to clear security. Unless you haven’t even managed to board your flight because you’ve been held up for so long in departures. The simple solution to getting through security (both departures and arrivals) quickly is to be prepared before you head to the airport. Read on for our seven tips to help you get through security quickly.

1. Be prepared for security checks

Before you join the queue for security checks, prepare your belongings for the conveyor belt. Ensure that you are wearing shoes and jewellery that are easy to remove if you are asked to, and have your plastic bag containing your liquids already in your hand. Check ahead of time that all of your liquids are in a clear plastic bag and that there is nothing in your suitcase that will cause your bag to be subjected to extra checks.

Electrical items such as laptops and hair straighteners now need to be removed from your hand luggage to be scanned, so when you are packing make sure that you place these items at the top of your case, so that they are easy to remove.

6 Tips To Get Through International Airports Smoothly

2. Check that your passport is valid

Ensure that you have your passport in a secure but easily accessible place in your hand luggage, and that it is valid for your destination. Most countries insist that your passport is valid for a minimum period of time after your trip, usually within six months. Check the expiration date of your passport and the requirements for the country that you are travelling to well in advance of your trip.

3. Check your visa requirements prior to flying

Research into your country of destination well ahead of the date of your flight to discover whether or not you require a visa. This will be dependent on your country of nationality, where you are flying from and where you are flying to. Don’t forget to think about countries that you may be changing flights in, or journeys during your time away where you may briefly travel into a different country.

As well as a visa, you may be required to pay an entrance or exit fee for a country, sometimes in advance of flying. Do your research and ensure that you are travelling with all the documents that you require to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your journey.

4. Ensure you have your first night’s accommodation booked

Some countries, such as the USA, require that you submit Advance Passenger Information before reaching your destination or before you head to the airport. You should be able to easily enter this information via your airline, but it’s worth noting that you may have to submit details of where you will be staying during your trip. Even if you plan to travel around, ensure that your first night in your destination country is booked, so that you have no problems when you reach arrivals.

6 Tips To Get Through International Airports Smoothly

5. Keep your ID and boarding pass close at hand

You will need both your passport and boarding pass at several times during security checks, boarding the plane and arriving at your destination. Whilst you are travelling through the airport, keep your important documents in a place that is easy to access yet remains secure. A concealed pocket inside a jacket, or in a zipped pocket in your bag is the perfect place to store these important documents. Ensure that you don’t have to dig around in your bag to find your passport or you’ll hold up the queue.

6. Arrive at the airport with plenty of time

The most important thing to remember when travelling is to allow plenty of time when you arrive at the airport, just in case you do get held up at security. Be prepared for long queues, unexpected searches and other delays by ensuring that you have plenty of time to spare. If you do get through security quickly and smoothly, you’ll be rewarded by having plenty of time to browse Duty Free and enjoy a relaxing meal prior to your flight.

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Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.