Flying at any time of the year can be stressful, and that’s just for adults! Taking children, particularly young ones, can take the experience for them and their loved ones to a whole new level of worry and anxiety. So, The Wise Traveller has gathered some of the best ideas from fellow passengers to help keep young ones happy and distracted.

Ear Pressure

The drop in pressure while on a plane can catch many, including children, out, prompting a few moments of discomfort. Parents are recommended to talk to their children about the issue before embarking on the trip. They can then prepare them and techniques to make the pressure go away, such as chewing or yawning. Having water to hand and drinking shortly before take-off or landing can often soften the pressure.

Snack Packs

With airports and airlines now offering eye-watering prices for even the most basic foodstuffs and drinks, families may want to bring their own healthy ‘snack pack” that their children will happily have and enjoy.

Act To Distract

Families can often be floored by flight delays and be left at a loose end. One of the best ways to keep children distracted and happy is to bring a fun pack of items such as coloring books, reading books, and a comfort toy to utilize. Smartphones and tablets are the main go-to choices for children, so ensure you have pre-downloaded content to keep them happy.

7 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Flying With Children - The Wise Traveller - Mom with kid looking at airplane window

Remain Calm

When children have meltdowns, especially on a plane, the world seems to be looking in on the situation. But keep calm and don’t worry about fellow passengers. Stay calm and focused on the child and their immediate needs. Being in a plane is a unique experience for youngsters, so there should be no surprise if the moments can get to much for them.

Small Steps

If a family embarks on a long-haul flight, the stress can quickly be ramped up for children. While sleep and the entertainment panel provided by an airline might be enough, one of the best options is to take the child for a walk on the plane during the flight. Walking around can help them exercise their legs and relieve some of their energy.

Added Warmth

Keeping a child’s temperature stable can be tricky when flying. But with temperatures lower when a plane reaches altitude, parents may regret not considering packing extra clothing or a small blanket to keep them warm and relaxed. Consider putting additional layers in the hand luggage that can be easily stored and located.

Ask To See The Cockpit

One of the novel options for a young child aged five to ten years is to be given access to the cockpit to meet the pilot in flight. If it happens, it offers a memorable event for the child in flight and can even reduce the fear of flying in the future.


Flying should be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Adding fun and distractions with the tips provided will no doubt keep children occupied, comofrtable and stress-free.

Andy Probert - The Wise TravellerAndy Probert is an experienced freelance business travel journalist and PR specialist.