The way we plan, enjoy and think about travel has changed during the course of the pandemic. After months spent indoors unable to travel in our own countries, let alone abroad, borders are slowly reopening and the travel industry is slowly reviving – but how will attitudes towards travelling change post lockdown? Here are a few ways that we may change how we think about travel.

Travel will be more meaningful and more valued

Following lockdown, we won’t go away just for the sake of it. We will invest our time and money in booking meaningful trips to places that we’re excited to explore, or go away with the intention of relaxing and unwinding. We will attach more value to our travels, with a new sense of appreciation for being able to go away and see the world. This will be the time to book those bucket-list adventures or to visit the places that have been on our mind during lockdown.

We will get used to alternative modes of transport

Confidence in planes and airports is likely to remain low for a while. As people opt to travel to destinations closer to home to ease their way back into travelling, it makes sense to travel by boat, road or rail where you can enjoy the fresh air, rather than being cooped up on a plane, wary of the other passenger’s health. This may change travel trends in the future, with people opting to fly less even after the pandemic is over.

How Will Attitudes Towards Travelling Change After Lockdown - The Wise Traveller - Boat

We will be more considerate about where we go

It’s impossible to ignore how destinations such as Venice have recovered from over-tourism during lockdown. The world is waking up and realising that we need to look after the environment – but also travellers will be wary about visiting popular destinations and will instead plan their travels more off the beaten track. Rural locations and less frequented places seem more appealing when you’re trying to social distance.

Travel may become less frequent

The days of booking an impromptu trip and flitting away for a long weekend on a whim may be behind us. Lockdown has given us a new appreciation of travelling, and subsequently we are more likely to save up for more meaningful trips, travelling less often but with more purpose. We’ve also realised that we don’t have to go on multiple trips a year, finding new ways to enjoy ourselves closer to home.

We will slow down

The overall attitude we have towards travel is likely to change, with many of us slowing down the way that we travel. We’ll learn to appreciate the small details of every trip, relishing the sights, sounds and tastes of the places that we visit. Rather than rushing from place to place, we’ll savour the moment, lingering over meals and not feeling guilty about spending entire days lazing by the pool.

Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.