Conde Nast Traveler has released their Readers’ Choice Awards survey and the results are in: these are the eight best food cities in the world.

8. Singapore

Singapore is the perfect mix of high and low cuisine. From offerings by high quality chefs like Mario Batali and Daniel Boulud to the seemingly unending lines of street food vendors, Singapore has something for everyone whether a boutique foodie or a ravenous backpacker.

8 Best Food Cities In The World - The Wise Traveller

7. Hong Kong

The scene in Hong Kong used to be stiff and formal, but cool foreign chefs have stormed the scene and made Hong Kong one of the hippest places to eat all over the world. Traditional dim sum parlors have also been elevated into something much more than normal, even earning some locations a Michelin star.

6. Tokyo

Sushi and ramen still reign in Tokyo. Whether you visit a sushi restaurant run by world class sushi chefs or one of the city’s innumerable izakaya (noodle shops), Tokyo is sure to delight.

8 Best Food Cities In The World - The Wise Traveller

5. Rome

Rome’s traditionally well-known bars and restaurants may be turning more tourist trap than amazing dining experience, there are still some quiet holdouts offering unbelievably delicious Roman classics  like spaghetti alla griscia and the iconic signature espresso.

4. Florence

In such a beautiful location like Florence, Italy, the food is simple, hearty, and absolutely delicious. Small street vendors and markets work to complement the amazing settings while Michelin star restaurants offer the same rustic Tuscan food at an elevated level.

8 Best Food Cities In The World - The Wise Traveller

3. Cape Town

Local is the name of the game in Cape Town. Any number of farm-to-table restaurants are cropping up around the vibrant city, promising a delicious, local experience.

2. Paris

France’s capital has once again swung to prominence with the explosion of ‘bistronomie’, a wave of cool but affordable bistros mostly opened by foreigners. Paris isn’t the staid, classy food culture of the past; instead, exuberant and experimental thinking now dominates the City of Lights.

8 Best Food Cities In The World - The Wise Traveller

1. San Sebastian

If you can tear yourself away from the amazing scenery, try the most outstanding food in the world. San Sebastian offers plenty of bars offering world-class tapas and exceptional taverns and restaurants, all adorned with at least a few Michelin stars.