Spending time outdoors isn’t anything new, but as the world has dramatically changed over the past year it seems that more of us are spending our free time on long, challenging hikes. Many of us are currently only allowed outside once a day for exercise – so it makes sense to take full advantage of this and make the most of our time outdoors. For many people, enjoying longer and more challenging walks has led to a keen interest in hiking. Not only are long walks good for our physical health but being among nature and spending time walking in the great outdoors can work wonders for our mental health, helping to boost creativity, relieve stress and even make us happier. When frequent travel becomes possible once again, how can we incorporate our new love of hiking into our future travels?

Book holidays where you can enjoy long hikes in beautiful landscapes

If you are keen to incorporate scenic hikes into your future travels, seek out the best destinations. Places like the Canary Islands and Italy offer the perfect combination of relaxing beaches and challenging hills to climb. Spend half your trip unwinding on the beach and swimming in the sea, and the other days slipping on your walking boots and taking a long and rewarding hike to a beautiful view point.

Stay somewhere remote

If you want to ensure that you will enjoy long walks as part of your trip, book accommodation someplace remote, rather than in the centre of a town. If you are staying in a beautiful villa in the middle of nowhere, you will be encouraged to go on lots of long walks to reach bars, restaurants and shops. One of our favourite tricks is to stay in a villa or hotel on top of a hill above a beach – not only will you be treated to spectacular views but you will feel encouraged to walk down to the beach and back every day.

Why hiking has become so popular and how to incorporate it into your future travels - The Wise Traveller - Trek

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trek

Make hiking the focus of your getaway and book a life-changing trek. There are plenty of options all around the world, from Machu Picchu to Nepal. Do your research and book with a reputable company – you can even take a trek where you don’t have to carry your own bags and have luxury accommodation waiting for you each evening. These trips are designed for all abilities and you will be treated to the sights of some of the world’s most spectacular scenery along the way.

Set yourself a walking challenge

When travelling, set yourself a challenge to walk at least 10,000 steps each day to stop yourself lounging by the pool for your entire trip. This could simply involve walking to local restaurants or wandering down to the beach from your hotel – or you could walk along the coast to a neighbouring beach, resolve not to use public transport during your trip or enjoy a day hike to a local viewpoint.

Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.