A comfortable long-haul flight is on everyone's mind—unless you have your seat at the pointy end of the plane, where usually it's a given. But even if you are flying like a millionaire, knowing what to wear does not automatically compute in a cash sodden brain. Some folks dress for arrival at their destination, while others dress according to where they depart. Confusion reigns, especially if you are traveling from one climate to another and that most planes run their cabin air conditioning anywhere between 18c – 24c. Airports where you may have to spend hours during a layover present another dilemma. Air conditioning varies from airport to airport, and remote small ones don't have any.

Dressing for a flight in 2024 is all about being comfy and practical. Nobody wants their clothing to irritate them during a flight to the point of being angry with everyone around them—too cold, too hot, too tight—you want to rip off your compression socks and gag the snoring person beside you in frustration because you can't get comfortable in your seat.

To avoid looking like something the cat dragged in at the end of your flight, dress in wrinkle-resistant fabrics that breathe—think soft and stretchy so that your crotch isn't in a vice for the whole flight or your stomach can't expand with the amount of airplane food force-fed to passengers to keep them occupied. Wear natural colors such as grey, navy, beige, black, or taupe that won't show a coffee stain caused by unexpected turbulence or the flapping, fleshy elbow of the big person beside you.

From feather-light cashmere scarfs that make you want to snuggle to chic sweatsuits created for pure comfort, there are plenty of brands on the market for a traveling ensemble to make you feel amazing when you disembark like a model on a fashion runway at your destination. Don’t forget to layer upon layer and always carry a scarf.

For Her and Him

Outdoor Voices

With a motto of 'Softer than clouds – you won't want to take it off,' Outdoor Voices is the perfect choice if you have dramas with swelling ankles, legs, or feet. Incorporating a polyester-spandex material in their compression socks that is unbelievable. Spend up big on CloudKnit sweats and hoodies, or leggings that fit like a glove, that are a must have for any globe-trotting fashionista.

For Her


If you’re in a hurry to get your flying outfit together, indulge in Lunya’s 'Restore Travel Kit,' which includes socks, leggings, a basic tank top, a long-sleeve tee, and a sleep mask, packaged in a laundry bag. The cotton blend fabric is breathable and promises to increase oxygen levels and blood flow to improve blood circulation.


From gorgeous sweaters to must-have travel blankets and funky hoodies that are on the sophisticated side—not the gangster vibe—Naadam's clothing is spun from fine 100 percent Mongolian cashmere that's not only anti-wrinkle but also has odor-blocking benefits.


The ideal long-haul apparel, Aday uses technologically advanced fabrics that regulate heat, don't wrinkle, and have many more attributes for jetsetters to appreciate. From gorgeous silk tops with adjustable straps to elastic-banded stretchy pants, they are the ultimate for layering your flattering outfit.

For Him

Ermenegildo Zegna

A brand for those with thick wallets, Ermenegildo Zegna is an international luxury fashion brand that's the world's largest wool fabric producer. This is the brand that well-heeled males are drawn to for a contemporary look that oozes style and comfort. Think cashmere bomber jackets and hoodies that scream out to be touched.


The creator of comfy and easy-to-layer resortwear for men, Vilebrequin will have you strutting your stuff from the arrival lounge to a beach club in the Bahamas, turning female heads as you go. Vilebrequin’s collection is bold and striking—cotton corduroy stretch joggers, terry cloth polos, and cotton crew neck shirts—easy to wear and fabulous.

The Elder Statesman

A knitwear label with artisanal touches, The Elder Statesman is not just for the older, distinguished gentleman. Beautiful patterns and tie-dye affects make any man stand out in a crowd. Chunky woven cardigans, soft sweaters, and super comfy lounge pants make this a label for any traveling man to have in his wardrobe.

Note: Well-dressed people have more chance of being offered a seat upgrade than someone on the sloppy side of fashion.

Gail Palethorpe, a self proclaimed Australian gypsy, is a freelance writer, photographer and eternal traveller. Check out her website Gail Palethorpe Photography and her Shutterstock profile.