As it’s the end of the year, we’re looking ahead and rounding up the best articles we’ve read discussing travel trends for the year ahead. If you’re planning your 2020 travels, these are the articles you need to read to help you to decide where to go and how to travel.

December 2020 Monthly Round-Up - The Wise Traveller - Conde Nast Traveller

Of course, Conde Nast Traveller have made a list of the biggest travel trends expected in 2020. Sustainable travel is set to be the main trend on the horizon, creating smaller trends such as vegan hotels, electric planes and carbon-neutral adventures in its wake. At the other end of the spectrum, space travel is just around the horizon if you’re not worried about your emissions and have a head for heights.

The Independent are also summing up the trends, rounding up the main trends that other tourism companies are predicting. Look for a rise in people bringing their pets with them on holiday, ‘friendmoons’ gaining popularity and a large amount of people shunning flying and instead travelling by train.

December 2020 Monthly Round-Up - The Wise Traveller - Independent

Forbes are also looking at the changing travel landscape, sharing a few unique ideas along with those that are beginning to form a pattern. Again, travelling by train, travelling with pets and staying in vegan hotels are all mentioned here, but there are some notable differences. We’re particularly looking forward to a shift in the type of traveller that cruises are attracting, with a series of hipster cruises launching next year.

We all know that the past shapes the future, making this article on the Guardian delving into the past decade of travel trends very interesting. Undeniably, the influence of Instagram on travel was one of the biggest travel trends of the past decade, but the resurgence in people travelling by train, the popularity of wellness retreats and the introduction of glamping also made it onto the list.

December 2020 Monthly Round-Up - The Wise Traveller - MatadorWhat about more specific travel trends for the year ahead? Matador have shared an article discussing walking safaris – apparently more people are now opting to walk around a nature reserve accompanied by a trained guide rather than hopping in the back of a jeep. Choosing to walk rather than drive on safari allows you to get much closer to the animals and also reduces pollution levels and keeps things quieter in the parks. Sounds good to us!

On National Geographic, they have shared an article talking about the growing trend in unique luxury dining experiences around the world. No longer content with eating Michelin-star food in traditional fancy restaurants, foodies are now looking for more dramatic culinary experiences. Suggestions include Under in Norway, where guests can marvel at the architecture and take a peek beneath the waves that lap around the restaurant, and MIL, a world-class restaurant located in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Wanderlust have caught onto the rail travel trend and have shared 25 of the best train journeys in Europe. Travellers hoping to fly less and explore more by train will be spoilt for choice on the European continent, working their way through this enticing list that includes slow travel journeys through the Alps and one of the most elegant train rides in the world.

December 2020 Monthly Round-Up - The Wise Traveller - Marie Claire

Marie Claire have shared their suggestions of trending destinations for 2020 and there are some interesting contenders. Israel, Nicaragua and Kyrgyzstan all make it onto the list, with people seeking out off-the-beaten-track locations and shying away from places struggling with over-tourism.

Rounding up the travel trends for the year ahead, the Evening Standard have shared Pinterest’s suggestions, based on what everyone has been pinning recently. It’s clear that sustainability is the word on every traveller’s lips, with train travel, zero-waste travel products, stay-cations and eco-friendly cities all high on the list of trends. Bucket list attractions include the Northern Lights and epic landscapes.