London is a city full of stunning sights that every traveller should see. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye are just a few of the must-see attractions. However, if you've ever been to London or plan to come, you'll know that there's a lot more to the city than these tourist sites.

London is a cultural, culinary, and social melting pot. That is why, no matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone here. If you enjoy pop culture, you'll be pleased to know that there are numerous locations in London that have been in your favourite movies, TV series, novels, and music. Furthermore, most of these attractions are fairly accessible and well worth a visit, whether you are visiting or relocating here.

Insider Travel Guide to London

London is as much about invention as it is about tradition; it's a place that you can never get enough of, where the promise of something new is always in the air. This is a city where history practically surrounds you — where the remnants of an old cathedral can be found concealed among skyscrapers, and where pop-up eateries come and go while the monarchy still reigns. London is a place where old and new collide, both literally and culturally. Despite being a city built on laws and etiquette, London's enormous parks, street art, festivals, and food markets make it the ideal spot to let loose. And the crucial word here is "free" — from renowned museums to public art, many of London's best activities are free of charge.

London Culture

The capital of the United Kingdom is a massive metropolis divided into districts as unique as towns, and London's culture is as diverse as its inhabitants, with over 250 languages spoken across the city. Head to the East End, home to Cockney rhyming slang, Sunday markets, and an ever-expanding crop of quirky bars and pubs; enjoy theatre, comedy, jazz, and more in Soho, the buzzing heart of London's gay scene; stay central for the best restaurants, or galleries and museums if you're looking for more traditionally cultural days out in London, and venture south of the River Thames for nightlife hotspots like Brixton and Peckham.

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