Travel can bring out the best or the worst in a person. We all have different quirks when toting luggage around the world. Personality will often define where you travel, while the bank balance will dictate how you do it. If you believe in astral mysticism, the star you were born under can be blamed for your personality—for those not into star worshipping, blame your parents. Whatever your quirky disposition is, you may find that you fit into one of the random categories below:

Me, Myself, and No-One Else

A breed apart from the average person who likes their own company and is usually more street-smart than the norm—they have to be to survive in foreign countries. Trips may be super organized or spur of the moment after throwing a dart at a world map. This particular global traveler is on the rise.

The world is their oyster, and their reasons vary:

Escaping the mundane reality of everyday life—eating at the same café, working in the same office, getting out of bed at 6am every morning, or fleeing the dynamics of a somewhat tragic family when they could be sitting on a plane pumped up with anticipation of an unknown destination.

Culture voyeurism—it’s more exciting attending the Aoling Festival in the Longwa Village of northeast India when the tattooed headhunters of the Konyak Tribe put on a display; rather than drinking beer at a footie match on a Saturday afternoon.

Chasing experiences that not everyone wants—living in a mud hut with an African tribe or traipsing through Borneo's jungle gawking at orangutans as blood-sucking leeches squirm in their gum boots.

Self-discovery—sometimes, you have to get lost first to find yourself. It's easy to do this in foreign countries where no one knows who you are.

Many going it alone are Scorpions who like to indulge their personal traveling wishes or dreamy Capricorns who are constantly planning the next travel destination while still on foreign soil. To satisfy eccentric hobbies, independent Aquarius people can fall into this category as none of their friends wish to go bird-watching for a month.

The Food Glutton

Easily recognized if you see someone tucking into a jellied moose nose in Canada, these inquisitive souls chase taste bud sensations worldwide. The planning of destinations will revolve around traditional cuisines in Michelin-star restaurants, curb-side wonky carts, or corner cafes—it's all about what can be gobbled down in a foreign environment. They are often millennials, Generation Z, and those born under the Aries or Sagittarius star who take great delight in flashing their foodie moments on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. The sophisticated foodie will look beyond what is on the plate to the culture and tradition behind the dish.

Star Traveler Breeds - The Wise Traveller - Food Market

I’ve Been Everywhere

These braggarts skip from country to country quickly just to get as many passport stamps as possible within a short time. We all know someone like this. Travel is not about broadening horizons, understanding different cultures, or having a mind-blowing experience. It's bouncing around the world for no reason other than having one-up-manship bragging rights. Unfortunately, they can be born under any star sign.

Head up their Arses

No particular age or star sign, travelers of this ilk should not be allowed to step onto a plane, boat, train, bus, or even into the basket of a hot air balloon. Characteristics include arrogance, disrespecting local customs, dressing inappropriately, being loud and obnoxious in public spaces, and not being interested in their surroundings. Complainers and fussy farts are a large percentage of this group. These rude individuals should never travel to a country with a different culture or economic status than they are used to. Manners and empathy are two attributes not handed out equally by star signs.

The Travelling Clan

Like a gaggle of cackling geese waddling around playing follow the leader, traveling groups are easy to identify—usually one person at the front with the innocuous brilliant colored umbrella or sign raised above their head. When not hogging a sidewalk, the troops will be clustered around mammoth restaurant tables or taking up all the sun loungers at a resort.

These groupies love exploring while surrounded by a bubble of security. Some countries can be unnerving to travel solo, so it's understandable if you wish to meander through parts of Mexico, South Africa, Egypt, and Tunisia, to name a few.

If born under the sign Cancer, you are more likely to travel in family groups or with friends, with or without the token leader.

Totally clueless and lazy travelers gravitate to this type of travel as they don't have to plan anything apart from the country they wish to be in.

The Sybarites - aka addicted to luxury

The bulls of the zodiac, Taurus, only want to travel in style—they chase pampering at luxurious retreats and exquisite dining venues. They can be easily picked out of a crowd as they wear designer sunnies and outfits and carry logo-embossed luggage. The lions give the bulls a run for their money, as spoiled Leos also only pick the best of the best. Both are great to travel with, as bulls love to share their wealth, and Lions will take you to the best parties.

Star Traveler Breeds - The Wise Traveller - Luxury resort poolside

Modern-Day Marco Polo Explorers

Aries are the first to board a plane or hand over their passports. While chatty Gemini souls are masters of researching travel destinations on their hit list to satisfy their travel lust. If you are born under the explorer's zodiac sign, Sagittarius, you are consumed by travel with little thought of anything else. While Piscerians lust after experiences to relive later when curled up at home—you are the travel memory makers soaking up every little detail. And exploring Virgos will never get lost as they know where every hotel, cafe, or beach is located due to their diligent itinerary planning.

Touring Ambassadors

Exclusive small-number tours are a totally different category to The Traveling Clan as they are driven by the needs of wealthy explorers, think baby boomers, clever dotcom kings, or crypto masters who knew when to sell. In this case, a tour may be for only two people organized by an upmarket tour agency. These high-flyers sit at the pointy end of the plane sipping champagne, are whisked through airports, met by chauffer-driven limos, and driven to decadent havens such as Aman resorts or private islands. Many are Librans, as this star sign appears more frequently on the rich list than any other; these friendly and extroverted mortals spread harmony, peace, and justice on their discrete travels…that was tongue in cheek because I happen to be Libran.

Gail Palethorpe, a self proclaimed Australian gypsy, is a freelance writer, photographer and eternal traveller. Check out her website Gail Palethorpe Photography and her Shutterstock profile.