Tips For Travelling To Greece

With all eyes focused on Greece for some time now and for the foreseeable future, as the country and Eurozone argue over their remaining within the single European currency and possibly even the European Union itself, we take a little time to evaluate what these political and economic factors may mean to travellers heading to the country.

Tips for Travelling to Greece - The Wise Traveller

No Compelling Reasons To Cancel

First and foremost, the most pertinent piece of advice here should be for you not to panic. Your holiday is still extremely likely to go ahead and the country really shouldn’t descend into total anarchy if things go the worst possible way.

This will especially be the case away from Athens and the largest cities in the country; Greek holiday resorts are usually on much quieter islands. Therefore, you should certainly not look to cancel your holiday to this beautiful country.

Take Sufficient Euros with You

In light of recent issue with cash dispensing at ATM’s which may re-occur, it is strongly recommended that you take as much cash in Euros as you possibly can. However, at the same time, do check your insurance policy to verify how much you would be covered for in the event of theft or loss.

ATM machines are currently said to be dispensing Euro notes, but the Greek government has already restricted limits to a little as €60.00 per person per day. With this in mind, it would be wise not to rely on withdrawing your holiday money from cash machines once you get to Greece.

Other Shortages

There have been some reports of Greek citizens panic buying stocks of petrol in the country; however, at present supplies do not seem to be a major issue. The same is true when it comes to food supplies in the country. Moreover, the Greek authorities have stressed that food shortages should never become a possibility in any eventuality in the future.

So, it’s a case of making sure you have more than enough Euros in cash for your holiday in Greece. At present, credit and debit card transactions are being processed but there is a background worry that some establishments could start to insist on cash payments in the future. Be prepared for this and make sure you have enough cash on you.