A new year comes with new trends, and the travel industry is no exception! From slower journeys to off-season travel, here are some of the top travel trends you can expect in 2024.

Longer Itineraries

Many travel companies have seen a big spike in travelers booking trips for 26 days or longer – perhaps because the pandemic has kept many of us cooped up for a few years! Booking multi-country and extended vacations is a trend that continues to grow, as many people want to experience more in-depth journeys rather than quick and easy getaways.

Slow Travel

Many younger travelers want to avoid jam-packed itineraries on their future vacations, instead allowing for more rest and relaxation during their holiday. Additionally, most travelers want to immerse themselves in the local culture rather than simply checking off a to-do list. This means that slow-life travel is on the rise in 2024.

Wellness Vacations

Along the same lines as "slow travel," another trend for 2024 is a spike in wellness vacations. Many people want to relax and recharge, disconnect from everyday life, and prioritize their health when they go to a new destination. That means you can expect to see more spa retreats, farm-to-table experiences, and outdoor activities.

Some travelers are even amping up for active travel, planning their trips around hiking, cycling, surfing, and wildlife tours. This year, many people want to get outside and stay active, reflecting on their travel choices.

Travel Trends to Watch in 2024 - The Wise Traveller - Yoga

More Shoulder Season Bookings

If you're traveling in the spring or fall, these are known as the "shoulder seasons." This is when the crowds are fewer, accommodation is more affordable, and the temperatures feel great. Because COVID led to more remote working situations, many people are now free to travel during these shoulder seasons, offering a budget-friendly option for those with this flexibility.

Especially after a summer of extreme weather and crowds in 2023, traveling during the fall and spring seasons is much more appealing to most travelers during the coming year.

More Domestic Travel

Because of the rising costs and inflation all over the world, many people are scaling back their vacations to travel locally instead, especially in the United States. Travelers don't have to spend astronomical amounts on airfare or long accommodations when they stay local. Cities and destinations within easy driving distance will be more desirable in 2024, as will quick one or two-day trips.

Music Tourism

With Taylor Swift's "Eras" Tour, where many fans traveled to different cities to attend her concerts, 2023 saw a rise in music tourism – and 2024 will not be the exception. There are 48 "Eras" tour shows scheduled for Europe in 2024, and these destinations can expect to see large crowds of tourists during these concert dates. Plus, who doesn't want to explore a new destination while seeing their favorite artist? It's a win-win!

Travel Trends to Watch in 2024 - The Wise Traveller - Music Festival

Destination Dupes

Many large cities, especially in Europe, are becoming overrun with large crowds of tourists. That's why several travelers are turning towards "destination dupes," or more attainable substitutes for popular areas. For example, you can visit Paros in Greece, rather than Santorini, its more popular counterpart. Quebec City is another destination dupe for Geneva, with plenty of cobblestone streets and incredible architecture for a fraction of the price.


These 2024 travel trends may be worth considering if you need some travel inspiration while planning your trips for the coming year. Once you find something that suits your budget and needs, pack your bags and get ready for another great year of adventures!