If you’re searching for inspirational travel photos, Instagram is always the obvious place to start. There are countless feeds dedicated to travelling around the world, inciting wanderlust in even the most grounded people. If you’ve always dreamed of travelling the world with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, here are eight couples who wander the globe together, taking beautiful photographs along the way.

@gypsea_lust and @doyoutravel

Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris met when working on a travel campaign together, and have been exploring the world together ever since. They’re travelled everywhere from Brazil to Switzerland, basing themselves in Bali between travels. The King and Queen of Instagram travellers, they have a staggering five million followers between their feeds, satisfying their large audience with photographs that transport them across the world. Follow them for editorial shots that look like they’re straight off the pages of a glossy magazine.

Travelling Couples to Follow on Instagram - doyoutravel

@jackrsutton and @laurenlsutton

At the beginning of the year, Jack and Lauren’s feeds focused around their life in Tasmania, but they’re now on an extended honeymoon travelling around Europe in their VW camper van. Both talented photographers, their feeds focus on embracing the outdoors and fully immersing themselves in their surroundings. As they’ve travelled around countries including the U.K, Switzerland and Norway, they’ve spent their time climbing mountains and finding picturesque places to swim. Follow for inspiration for the ultimate European road trip.

@helloemilie and @jasoncharleshill

Emilie is well known on Instagram for her pastel-hued photos from her travels all around the world. Her photos stand out from the crowd thanks to their ethereal quality, offering a different aesthetic to the usual travel shots. She has been travelling with Jason, another talented travel photographer who predominantly focuses on dramatic locations, for some time now. The duo have visited destinations as varied as Namibia and the Australian outback, inspiring their followers to branch out and visit more unusual places around the world. Follow if you want to see a magical view of the world.

Travelling Couples to Follow on Instagram- haarkon


India and Magnus focus their joint feed around photographing nature all around the world. As you may expect, their photos are saturated in green, as they focus on photographing plants. Their journey started by documenting greenhouses around the U.K, but they subsequently spread their wings to document plants and nature all around the globe, from Costa Rica to Australia. Alongside tropical gardens and native plants that they discover on their travels, you’ll also find striking architecture and inspirational interiors. Follow if you’re interested in both plants and travel.


For professional-looking photos that look like they’re straight off the pages of Conde Nast Traveller, check out Sarah-Louise and Christopher’s inspirational feed. The Adventures of Us boasts a collection of impeccably shot stolen moments from their travels around the world, focusing on a bright and colourful aesthetic. The duo both work full time, organising their travels to fit in alongside their busy lives, providing inspiration for all of us. Previous destinations have included Sri Lanka, Turks & Caicos and Italy. Follow for the ultimate wanderlust.


If you’re looking for inspiration for full-time travelling, let Mark and Mim transport you around the world with their globe-trotting feed. The Australian duo are currently exploring Europe, while documenting their travels on their popular blog, as well as on their Instagram feed. Their diverse adventures have seen them climbing mountains in the Faroe Islands, exploring the streets of Paris and briefly living in Croatia. Follow them if you’re looking for inspiration for places to visit in Europe.

Travelling Couples to Follow on Instagram - thecommonwanderer


Award-winning travel bloggers, Andrew and Emily travel both near and far, sharing their photogenic adventures along the way. Recent travels have been as far flung as Kenya and Antigua, although they also spend plenty of time travelling closer to home and exploring Europe. They specialise in road trips and discovering lesser-known places that aren’t often covered by other travel bloggers. Follow them if you’re looking to get off the beaten track.


Ryan and Bernadette Morgan are based in California, focusing their feed on their adventures across North America. From sun-drenched beaches to dramatic National Parks, their feed inspires others to pack up their cars and take road trips across the U.S.A. Focusing on landscapes and the outdoors, they remind their followers that you don’t have to get on a plane to have an adventure. Follow if you’ve ever dreamed of an all-American road trip.

Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.