A South American Jewel Continues To Struggle

Given Venezuela boasts the longest coastline on the Caribbean Sea of any country or territory in the region, many believe it is a tremendous shame that this country has failed to embrace the tourism opportunities that are enjoyed by many of its neighbours.

Whilst Aruba, just a few miles off the coast of Venezuela, remains one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations, Venezuela struggles to attract anything like the same number of travellers to its shores.

Margarita is perhaps the largest beach tourism destination in the country and around 10 years ago or so, this island was proving to be quite popular with visitors from many other countries. However, the ever-prevalent issue of crime and corruption in much of the country has gradually crept its way from major urban areas and made Margarita an increasingly unsafe location.

Venezuela boasts some of the most spectacular natural attractions on the planet: these range from the Andes mountain range which encroaches into the country from the west; the magnificent and awe-inspiring Angel Falls (which is the highest waterfall in the world); the presence of the second longest river in the whole of South America – the Orinoco; plus lush rain forests and other equally beautiful natural landscapes that are all quite capable of astonishing any traveller that is fortunate enough to visit.

However sadly, personal safety has become national and international concern for all travellers within the borders of this country. Most popular tourist spots and relatively quieter areas that were previously considered safe are becoming home to criminal gangs and corrupt law enforcement officers and National Guard.

The incidents of bride, extortion and kidnapping have been on a steady increase. Unfortunately, with the economic and political situation in Venezuela unlikely to improve any time soon many Governments are issuing and maintaining travel warnings for this beautiful South American country.

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