Daintree Ecolodge is a retreat where you can immerse yourself in nature's enchanting rainforest rhythm and the traditional culture of the original landowners, the Yalanji. You can take the meandering steps to the birthing pool at the end of a waterfall flowing down ancient rocks. Or, experience a ritual smoking ceremony when you pamper yourself at the elegant spa where magical hands will send you into a perfect state of bliss. You can make a splash in the swimming pool or laze on a sun lounger on the deck in the lush green crown with a good book. Snuggled into the primeval Daintree Rainforest, a world heritage site, the lodge is perfectly positioned to take advantage of everything the tropical far north of Queensland offers.

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Wake up in your private treehouse to the forest's morning murmurings. Glistening lime-green leaves might drip wet diamonds if it rained during the night. Kingfisher birds happily trill as they flash their exotic blue feathers, while golden orb spiders busily create yellow-silk webs of intricate patterns. The bright blue wings fringed in black velvet of the Ulysses butterfly gracefully flit, as if dancing on a gentle breeze, past your screened balcony overlooking the jungle's canopy. Staying at Daintree Ecolodge is stepping into a natural world of wonders. You will find more than half of the bird species in the whole of Australia, mammals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and 3,000 plant varieties. The Daintree is the world's oldest rainforest, believed to be 180 million years old. It's the largest rainforest on the Australian continent.

Daintree Ecolodge is an escape from everyday life. It's a unique setting of only 15 eco-friendly treehouses (banyans) of understated luxury counter-levered from a cliff face like outstretched arms into the emerald treetops. The only place where you can connect to the outside world via the internet is in the lounge area of the main building. There's absolutely nothing to distract you from being in harmony with your surroundings.

Where you can hear the Rainforest's Heartbeat - Daintree Eco Lodge - Mossman, Queensland - The Wise Traveller - Bath Tub

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Lagoon Banyans peer over the lily pad lagoon and the verandah of the in-house restaurant, Julaymba. And, the Canopy Banyans hide amidst the tropical rooftop, up with the fluttering birds and palm-clinging orchards. For total seclusion, the Rainforest Banyans meld with the rainforest floor as if on a mossy green carpet. Each banyan has a screened balcony to allow the low whispers of the rainforest in. In addition, the Rainforest Banyan has the extra luxury of a free-standing bathtub on the verandah for self-indulgent soakings with a glass of wine in hand at the end of the day. Soothing muted colors adorn the banyan walls, and plush bedding entices you into afternoon naps. Spacious ensuites include boutique all-natural body products. Minibar fridges are stocked with complimentary water, and you can order your own hamper for snacks.

Where you can hear the Rainforest's Heartbeat - Daintree Eco Lodge - Mossman, Queensland - The Wise Traveller - Stay

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Indulge yourself at the Daintree Wellness Spa, where native botanical ingredients enhance your experience. Inspired by traditional knowledge and utilizing the pure water of the waterfall, you will dissolve into a state of euphoria. From a sensuous massage to a mud wrap followed by a Vichy shower, your mind will be stilled and your body reinvigorated. Spoil your busy feet with an aromatic soaking. Relieve the noise in your head with a therapeutic scalp massage, or give your skin a new tingle after being lavished with an exfoliation session. The list of treatments is endless. You will wish that your dreamy state never ends after being touched by the angelic hands of the resident spa therapist.

Where you can hear the Rainforest's Heartbeat - Daintree Eco Lodge - Mossman, Queensland - The Wise Traveller - Food

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A seductive open bar area where you can perch on a stool sipping a cocktail sits at one end of the lounge area in the main building. This area flows through to the Julaymba Restaurant, specializing in locally sourced and home-grown produce for its mouthwatering dishes. The setting of the verandah restaurant beside the waterfall and hanging over a lagoon is perfect for candle-lit dinners and wake-up breakfast moments. But, for the ultimate romantic rendevous, dine under the stars twinkling above the rainforest in your own secluded space spoiling your taste buds with a 6-course degustation menu. As the restaurant is not open for lunch, picnic hampers of cute tiffin-styled containers can be ordered and indulged in anywhere on the property or taken further afield. All dietary requirements are catered for.

Daintree Ecolodge is a special place that will bring balance back to your life and body.

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