For every standard food poisoning, broken camera or delayed flight travel insurance claim, there are dozens of bizarre stories of people claiming for the most obscure reasons. Some of these strange claims may result in pay-outs, but most of the time it’s likely to be a rejection and a few laughs in the office for those who receive them. Here are eleven of the strangest travel insurance claims that we’ve ever come across. Let us know if you have any crazy travel insurance stories of your own!

11 Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

A British skier once filed a successful travel claim after she booked a ski trip, purchased a new set of skis then arrived at her resort to find absolutely zero snow.

A man travelling in Israel dropped his wallet into a drain and was stung by a scorpion while attempting to retrieve it. He successfully claimed for both his medical expenses and the lost wallet.

A couple visiting a Balinese temple were alarmed to have their bag stolen out of their hands by a wild monkey. Following a chase, the monkey cheekily threw their bag off a cliff, and their subsequent claim for the lost bag and items inside was accepted.

A keen photographer claimed that his kit was stolen when he left it unattended to go to the aid of a stranger who had been in an accident. His claim for the stolen equipment was rejected.

A pensioner enjoying a cruise found himself suffering from seasickness – and lost his dentures after vomiting over the side of the ship. He managed to file a successful claim to allow him to replace his false teeth.

Someone claiming for lost luggage had their claim rejected when it transpired that their suitcase had been confiscated in Ghana as it was filled with dried fish!

A family camping in Wales were rudely disturbed when a parachutist accidentally landed on their tent, destroying all of their camping equipment. They weren’t covered for accidental damage and their claim was denied.

A man’s travel insurance claim was refused after it transpired that the reason he had been refused boarding his flight was because he was trying to travel from Manchester in the UK but had actually booked a flight from Manchester in the USA!

Similarly, a family who attempted a claim for missing their flight were refused when it became apparent that they’d actually turned up a whole month late for the flight.

A couple who were attacked by bedbugs in a Parisian hotel burnt all of their clothes after returning home early. Their travel insurance claim to replace their wardrobes was denied.

Lastly, according to some sources, there have been more Rolex Oyster watches claimed as being lost on holiday than have ever been made! Needless to say, without proof of purchase, the claimants weren’t likely to receive their claim.

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Emma Lavelle is a UK based writer and photographer and has her own blog Field and Nest.