Car camping stands out as a fun activity people can participate in. While some people sleep in their cars, others may keep their vehicles close by for easy access. This means you need to prepare your car for a camping trip, so make sure to think about what your car may need. Doing so will help you incorporate it into your upcoming camping experience.

Consider How Many People You Plan to Bring

If you plan to focus on a comfortable trip for people, you need to consider how many you plan to bring with you. For example, you may want to bring four people in total, so you can have each person take a seat in a five-seat car. However, if you have five people in total, the car may feel cramped for the three in the backseat.

This means you should pick a car-size based on how many people you want to bring with you. That way, you can do your best to ensure everyone feels comfortable while you drive to the campsite.

A Beginner's Guide to Outfitting a Vehicle for Car Camping - The Wise Traveller - Camping with car

Buy the Right Car

On top of getting people to the location, you also need to buy the right car for the occasion. For example, you may consider getting a sports car, but the vehicle might not meet your needs during a camping trip. You can't predict the conditions, so you don't want to get rain or mud all over your vehicle during the trip.

Some people will purchase a specific car they can use whenever they want to go camping. You should consider the options available at a GMC Dealership in Baton Rouge, or whatever local dealership near you has off-roading capabilities to see what you can enjoy. This can include mini-vans, trucks, and similar cars to help you while camping.

Have Space for Storage

As you go camping, you need to include some space for your belongings. For example, if you plan to go camping on your own or with one person, you can easily use the backseat of your car for storage space. On the other hand, if you have multiple people with you, then you can only use the trunk of the car.

This comes down to where you can place the belongings while you travel. After all, you need space for your backpack, clothes, and equipment, but you also need to make room for your tent. Make sure you consider the supplies everyone else brings, so you can have enough space.

Plan Out How You'll Sleep

As you go car camping, you need to consider how you plan to sleep throughout it. For example, some people have enough space in the back to put down a mattress, so they can sleep in their cars. Others decide to bring trucks with them, so they can use the truckbed as a great area to put down their sleeping bags and relax during the evening.

If these options don't appeal to you, then you may want to bring a tent with you to use while you camp. Make sure you figure out the best sleeping option for your situation, so you can get more sleep while you go camping.

A Beginner's Guide to Outfitting a Vehicle for Car Camping - The Wise Traveller - ON the road

Think About the Road Conditions

Preparing for car camping also involves getting your car ready for various conditions. For example, you should make sure your car doesn't have any problems before you go camping, so you don't end up stranded during the trip. This means you should address any lights on the dashboard to make sure you avoid any vehicular problems while you go on the trip.

If you expect to deal with snow during the trip, you should put chains on your wheels. You should also check the traction on them ahead of time if you plan to go through mud, so you can avoid any incidents or problems while you enjoy your wonderful camping trip.


Preparing your vehicle for car camping remains an important aspect of the process. Because of this, you should look into the ways you can change your vehicle, so you can keep yourself safe and comfortable while you go on the camping trip. Make sure you consider what you and your family needs, so you can make the camping experience great for everyone there.