Your insurer might have a heart attack at the question, but thrill-seekers around the globe are always looking for the next big buzz. Paragliding is just one pursuit. Here's a list of the best locations to let fly – but check the fine print of your travel insurance to see if you're covered before stepping off that cliff edge.

Babadag Mountain, Turkey

Rising above the Mediterranean Sea, paragliders can fly off Babadag Mountain in Turkey, enjoy the stunning views along the Olüdeniz coast, and then land on a glorious beach. Paragliding is a popular pastime here, and many international flyers are regularly hosted year-round. There are even paragliding centres in Oludeniz if you want to go tandem with a pilot.

Tegelberg, Germany

For a fairytale flight, the surrounding region of Tegelberg is hard to beat – given that you will be looking out for Neuschwanstein Castle on the way down. The castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Careful planning and staying in contact with local forums will aid your flight over the changing weather conditions.

Best Paragliding Locations To Visit In 2024 - The Wise Traveller - Umbria

Umbria, Italy

Castelluccio is the highest village in the Umbria, and as you descend from its heavens, you can admire the villages and golden valleys.

Mont Blanc, France

As Europe's highest peak, you will be spoilt for choice at spots across the region covering the borderlands of France, Italy and Switzerland. Pilots utilizing the Mont Blac location can drift into the stunning Chamonix Valley for a memorable flight.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

One of the fastest-growing areas of popularity is Slovenia, given its varied landscape. The Julian Alps are proving one of the most popular places to take a flight and enjoy the views. The Soča Valle is highly recommended.

Best Paragliding Locations To Visit In 2024 - The Wise Traveller - Danyang

Danyang, South Korea

Danyang is a popular site for paragliders, some three hours from the South Korean capital of Seoul. The sights unfurl as you glide through the sky from runways around Mt Dusan or Mt. Yangbangsan.

Yelagiri, India

Yelagiri may not be on most people's bucket lists for paragliding, but it is undoubtedly a diamond to admire. The South Indian hill town, located a few hours from Chennai, offers impossible views as you descend from around 2200m.

Lake Toba, Indonesia

It is probably one of the best places in Asia to admire its breathtaking views. Located in North Sumatra, the world's biggest volcanic lake is encircled by lush mountains and trees. With guides and takeoff points aplenty, the 20-minute flight is a joy to behold above the lake and the Batak settlements.

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