Fans of Germany’s Bauhaus design movement can rejoice in a trifecta of UNESCO historic sights in Dessau when they stay at the Hotel 7 Saulen.  A charming, modest and efficiently run hotel located on Ebertallee, the hotel is directly across the street from three groundbreaking buildings which housed the founders and followers of the Bauhaus design movement for design fanatics who want to delve into Bauhaus architecture and design. Although it’s not in a Bauhaus designed building, the Hotel 7 Saulen reflects the spartan design of the three original Bauhaus buildings which it faces across the street.  A cheerful, comfortable and quiet night’s stay can be expected at the Hotel 7 Saulen which received an award in 2017, the year it opened, for one of the best little hotels in Germany.

Hotel Review: Hotel 7 Saulen, Dessau, Germany - The Wise Traveller

But before we check into the hotel, let’s do a quick review of the Bauhaus movement. Started in Weimar, the Bauhaus founders and followers had to move to Dessau from Weimar when their arts funding money ran out from the government in the early 20th century.  Bauhaus design was based on the principles of lines, form and function, far removed from the curves and flowers of the Art Nouveau movement. 

Getting to Dessau

Hotel Review: Hotel 7 Saulen, Dessau, Germany - The Wise TravellerTrain service is frequent and inexpensive on the regional rail line from Berlin’s main train station. The trip takes approximately two hours.  You can walk to the hotel from the train station in Dessau but be prepared for a long walk of about 20 minutes past the city park on one side (stay on the sidewalk unless you’re adventurous and want to walk through the park) and large private homes on the other side.

Hotel Assessment

Once at the hotel, ask for a street-side room (#30 is perfect) which overlooks the three Bauhaus buildings all designed by Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. All the hotel rooms are sparsely decorated, reminiscent of a college dorm, but not in a cheap way. Rooms have large windows and, if the weather’s nice, get a beer from the Front Desk and return to your room and sit by the window and enjoy the view. There is almost no traffic on the street and a quiet night’s sleep is assured.

Hotel Review: Hotel 7 Saulen, Dessau, Germany - The Wise Traveller

The bathroom is, like most German designed bathrooms, compact with faucets and plumbing that is modern and of high quality. The shower stall was small but the strength of the water flow was strong and the temperature was easy to adjust.   No bathrobes and additional amenities like shampoo and body lotion.


A breakfast buffet is included in the room which is a good thing because this is a residential neighborhood and there are no food and beverage options. Breakfast is served in a cheery room facing the street and the Bauhaus buildings. The buffet selection is plentiful with coffee/tea, juices, cured meats, cheese, freshly baked breads, soft boiled eggs, cereal and the hotel’s private label honey, which you can also purchase from the front desk. 

Hotel Review: Hotel 7 Saulen, Dessau, Germany - The Wise Traveller

Dinner Option off Site

Make sure you schedule your visit to Dessau during Germany’s famous white asparagus season which runs from April through May. In Dessau, you can enjoy a picturesque, sunset dinner at the Kornhaus restaurant, another Bauhaus design, along the shores of the Elbe River where the staff is friendly and eager to please any guest.