Welcome to this month’s roundup of the very best travel articles in September. This month, we’re focusing on autumn travel, sharing all the seasonal travel tips that we’ve recently unearthed. These articles are focused around discovering the best autumnal scenery around the world.

If you can’t travel to see colourful foliage this fall, Conde Nast Traveller has compiled a beautiful article showing some of the very best autumnal scenes from around the world. The photos depict scenes from Europe, Asia and North America, encouraging readers to start researching last minute flights.

Monthly Roundup - September 2019 - The Best Autumn Scenery Around the World - The Wise Traveller - Conde Nast

Now that you’re inspired to discover the very best autumnal scenery, the question is where do you go? Also on CN Traveller, this informative article shares the very best places for leaf peeping (as the Americans call it). These are the top four destinations for admiring autumnal scenery – two in Europe and two in North America that all offer golden hues as far as the eye can see.

There are lots of articles showing you exactly where to head to view rust and yellow hued trees this autumn. This piece on The Everygirl shares the best places in each area of North America, helping you to leaf-peep no matter which part of the USA you are planning on visiting. The list includes National Parks, State Parks, canyons and forests all around the country.

Monthly Roundup - September 2019 - The Best Autumn Scenery Around the World - The Wise Traveller - The Every Girl

Another idea for how to see the best autumn foliage in North America is to take a scenic train journey where you can admire the constantly changing scenery from the window. This brilliant article on Matador encourages readers to travel across America by rail, detailing the 16 most scenic train journeys to take in North America this autumn. No need to bring a book or your laptop – you’ll be gazing out of the window the entire trip.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet booked a trip to admire North America’s autumn colours. Lonely Planet have shared this piece explaining why it’s not too late, thanks to higher than usual temperatures that are delaying the autumn foliage. There’s a brilliant link in this piece to an interactive map that speculates when the foliage will change colour in different parts of the country.

Of course, North America isn’t the only place to admire the autumn scenery. This article on Matador shares how to have the best autumn experience on Vancouver Island. The piece includes tips on where to stay and where to eat, as well as advice for cycling and hiking in the area.

Monthly Roundup - September 2019 - The Best Autumn Scenery Around the World - The Wise Traveller - Matador Article

Wanderlust focuses on where to see autumnal landscapes in Britain with eight recommendations for woodlands, valleys and countryside locations across the British Isles. This isn’t an exhaustive list, as the whole of Britain is known for its breath-taking autumn colours – but it’s a good start!

Also focusing on Britain, The Guardian has shared a variety of unique ways that visitors can make the most of the woodlands this autumn. From spotting wild pigs in the New Forest to discovering sculpture trails in the woods in the Forest of Dean, this is an excellent article for anyone looking for something a little bit different this autumn.

Looking for inspiration for elsewhere? Here are seven alternative places to view autumn colours, all around the world. We’re particularly tempted to visit the Finnish wilderness and Slovenia’s enchanting Lake Bled after admiring these beautiful photographs.

Monthly Roundup - September 2019 - The Best Autumn Scenery Around the World - The Wise Traveller - Wanderlust

Finally, The Washington Post has shared a list of do’s and don’t for travelling at this time of year. Suggestions such as not approaching wild animals and not trespassing on private property may seem obvious, but it’s surprising what some people would do to capture that perfect autumnal photograph.

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