As I started writing I actually found the title to this blog to be very disturbing: the fact that one day one or more of the species that make up the ‘Big 5’ safari animals in Africa could be gone within our lifetime really does leave a lump in the throat. But folks, alas, this is a very real prospect when no end of dangers continue to threaten the survival of these magnificent beasts.

See The Big '5' Before Its Too Late

The five animals anyone will be desperate to catch sight of on a safari are the African elephant, the African rhinoceros, the Cape buffalo, the leopard and, of course, the king of all the beasts, the lion. In the unlikely event you are able to tick all these much-revered animals off your list in just one safari – you should certainly consider yourself to be very fortunate.

The main threats to the Big 5 are war, loss of food and habitat and poaching. When populations continue to explode in most of the countries where you are able to see these animals, this is the main catalyst that leads to all of the other threats to their survival.

I am glad I managed to experience a great African safari several years ago and do count myself as having been very fortunate for spotting 4 out of the Big 5. The only animal that proved elusive for me at the time was the rhinoceros. At that time I visited the two huge Tsavo National Parks in Kenya. With the increasing threats to tourists from Somalia and continued political unrest in this country, personally, there is no way I would venture back to this country at this present time.

Kenya isn’t the only place where you can see the Big 5, however. You might also like to think about Tanzania, Botswana (very up and coming!) and South Africa among others.

Experiencing a safari must rank as one of the best things you will ever do in your life: it certainly was for me! There are numerous species of animals on any safari that will prove to be quite enchanting for you; however, it’s always most exciting when you’re able to glimpse any of the species that make up the Big 5. If the idea of seeing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat appeals to you in any way, do yourself a favour and get that trip booked as soon as you can.

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