Worlds 5 Worst Airports If You Are Travelling On Business

It’s easy to conjure up images of the ideal airport for business travel: a painless commute to the terminal, lighting-fast security lines, unheard-of flight delays, and world class business lounges packed with perks.

While a few of these airport anomalies actually exist in the real world, far more common are the nightmare airports that make frequent business travel a pain in the tuckus.

Here are the world’s worst, to be avoided at all costs if possible as a business traveller!

New York LaGuardia, USA

When it takes forever to get somewhere, you want there to be a light at the end of the (Holland) tunnel.

Not the case with NYC’s main airport, which is infamous for endless security lines, cramped terminals, lackluster amenities, and questionable cleanliness. In fact, Bloomberg recently rated LGA the #1 worst airport in the U.S. and Canada.

Shanghai Pudong Airport, China

I’ve had many a frustrating layover at Shanghai Pudong Airport, where it’s next to impossible to access the free airport-wide Wifi unless you have a local Chinese SIM card.

And why, pray tell, would you have a local Chinese SIM if you’re simply passing through Shanghai en route to your final destination?

Well, you wouldn’t. Which means you have to ask a local to use their cell phone number (awkward!), or locate one of the elusive “special machines” inside the terminal that supposedly provide a code to access the internet (I’ve heard about these machines but have never seen one).

My advice is to skip PVG altogether unless you’re on vacay and don’t absolutely need to stay connected during your layover.

Triphuvan International Airport, Nepal

Kathmandu’s airport isn’t exactly a shining beacon of business travel. In fact, it’s not exactly a shining beacon of anything, unless you’re interested in wildly confusing boarding areas (“wait here, but board in a completely separate area of the airport”), and stray cats roaming the terminal.

Coupled with the fact that many of the airlines that call KTM home rank as some of the most dangerous in the world, and you may be inclined to fly into India’s Bagdogra Airport instead.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines

What happens when an airport with a capacity for 6 million travellers per years attempts to shove 32 million passengers through its terminal?

Painfully slow Wifi, “business” lounges with dirty bathrooms and questionable food, rude staff, and a completely counterintuitive terminal layout.

MNL isn’t totally without merit, however. It’s been “awarded” World’s Worst Airport by Culture Cheat Sheet and Sleeping In Airports for two years running.

Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport, Italy

Horrifying toilets.

A single working electrical outlet in the entire airport.

Lounges that close at 10pm and don’t reopen until 6am.

Bergamo airport just may be a business traveller’s worst nightmare, what with its cramped conditions, limited lounge access, lack of shower facilities, and single 24-hour café serving the entire airport.

Hey, at least there’s Wifi.

While you may not always have a choice as to your business travel destinations or airport layovers, you can avoid the pitfalls of the world’s worst airports by preparing yourself for disappointment. Get as much work done as possible on the plane if flying through any of these doozies, and don’t expect a decent shower til you get to your hotel.

What’s the worst airport you’ve ever been to?

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