They say when travelling that you can never plan too far ahead. Lots of holiday makers and globetrotters plan months and years in ahead. This is why there is a plan below which delivers a handy guide on travelling in Winter 2021. Last winter was different for so many reasons but this winter can hopefully be the beginning of a new era for travellers. Check out some advice below.

Deciding on Where to go?

Obviously, this will depend on countries and their governments. How the respective governments of foreign countries allow travellers into the country will make such a huge difference to travelling. The idea and plan are that we will be back to normal, so lets look at how to choose some of the great destinations that would be ideal to go to.

Deciding on where to go is the most important part of your trip. This has been covered multiple times, but it is important as you can’t plan without a destination. For example, if you are going to Turkey or Cyprus then you will want swimwear and sunglasses. If you are going to the French alps then you will want winter coats and skiing equipment. This is why it is important on deciding where to go. Your baggage will matter on how you travel. For example, skipping across from the United Kingdom to France could be done on the train. If you’ve got your skis and other winter stock however, a plane will be needed. Therefore there is an emphasis on deciding where to go before anywhere else.

A Handy Guide To Travelling In Winter 2021 - The Wise Traveller - Kyrenia - Cyprus

Take Extra Measures

Even though the situation will have hopefully calmed down by then, you do need to take extra measures to ensure nothing goes wrong. You need to find an appropriate provider for your single trip travel insurance regardless of where you are going. The destination will still matter as how long you are going for and how you are getting there will come into consideration.

If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that disruptions can occur at the drop of a hat. You need to keep in mind that providers and countries have managed to adapt to the ever-changing regulations so whilst you should still be careful when booking a trip, there are COVID provisions in place. For many, travelling and going on holiday is still a big investment, so you should protect it.

Do Your Research

Just be careful. Take a look at the destination(s) you are planning on travelling to and what the pandemic levels are like over there. You can consider vaccination rates and all other things you’d never thought you would have to think about. If you travel to a hotspot then that is your own choice. The travel industry is in a state where it needs your help, but no one can force you to travel. If you do, it is of your own making. Make sure you’ve got every single aspect covered and you feel confident in going.

Everyone is starting to get bored with the whole situation, but you do still have to be careful. Don’t get in a mindset where it can’t happen to you. In some cases, if you are wanting to get out of the house in the winter months you might consider a staycation. The travelling landscape is changing and trips are likely to be longer, so make sure you cater for this with all your preparation. These aren’t the same though, however if you are travelling inland you might still need travel insurance.

Ultimately, you do just need to be patient. There will be a time when we can travel again. Hopefully it is this Winter so don’t do anything beforehand that could disrupt your plans.

Grace Murphy A passionate writer, Grace enjoys travelling and then sharing her experiences. Her love for exploring and finding exciting new experiences to sample translates into her work to share with the world.