Travellers love festivals, and with early-year slumbers now shaken off, many will be eyeing where to go and what to do. The Wise Traveller has drawn up some of the best festivals around the globe to get members in the party mood.

Food and Fun Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Among the snow and ice of Reykjavik, there is the Food and Fun Festival, in which chefs from across the region collaborate with local restaurants to source local ingredients and deliver delicious food for everyone’s palate. March 4-5.

Holi, India

Rightly called the Festival of Colours, the Holi Festival is among the most popular Hindu religious festivals. It represents a celebration of good over evil, and Rhada Krishna is celebrated. The festival sees coloured powder thrown into the air, and everyone around you is coated in it. March 8.

Celebrating Festivals in March - The Wise Traveller - Holi

Pasifika Festival, New Zealand

This festival, usually in Auckland, highlights the Fijian, Maori, Samoan, and Tongan cultures of the Pacific Islands and includes what you would expect – dance, music and food. The celebrations seek to widen understanding of these communities. March 9-10.

International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Yoga enthusiasts from across the globe will head for the International Yoga Festival, which is due to happen on the banks of the Ganges, the birthplace of Yoga. The festival includes celebrations, speakers and experts to offer a completely immersive experience. More details can be found online. March 8-14.

Starkbierzeit Festival, Munich, Germany

The Starkbierzeit Festival in Munich is unofficially the younger version of Oktoberfest. Otherwise translating as ‘strong beer time’, the festival attracts smaller crowds but is still one of the most memorable events in the city’s March calendar. March 10—April 2.

Nyepi Day, Bali

This day is a slight twist on all the festivals. Nyepi Day is Bali’s New Year and is a public holiday. Bali does not move on the actual day: there is no traffic, and the streets are dead as it marks the Bali Day of Silence. However, in the run-up to the Day, there are numerous festivals to enjoy. March 11-12.

Celebrating Festivals in March - The Wise Traveller - Nyepi

Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain

With Valencia at the heart of the nation’s art scene, the Las Fallas Festival is an opportunity to partake in one of the city’s older traditions. Las Fallas is the annual burning of giant sculptures on St. Joseph’s Day and has been a traditional event since the Middle Ages. Artists from Valencia create massive paper- mâché sculptures over the year, and then on March 19, they are put to the torch. March 15-19.

Patrick’s Day, Ireland

Part of Irish tradition for the past few centuries, it marks the passing of St Patrick. However, it has translated into a massive celebration that brings out the best of the Irish. There are festivals, parades, excellent cuisine and, of course, a constant flow of bonhomie. Going green has never meant so much to a nation! March 17.

Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

One of the most memorable festivals to ever get to is the celebration of the Cherry Blossom in Japan; revered by locals, cherry blossom blooms in Tokyo on or around March 21 and signifies the awakening of Spring. March 20–April 15.

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