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  • Reach Out and Touch the Ponte Vecchio - Hotel Continentale Florence - The Wise Traveller

Reach Out and Touch the Ponte Vecchio - Hotel Continentale Florence

Florence is quintessentially a lover's haunt. Utterly charming, saturated in Renaissance architecture and art, the town's streets and alleys seduce and delight at every turn. Hotel Continentale Florence sits in a prime location overlooking the Ponte Vecchio, its dream position creates in one's mind the idea of Michelangelo's famous painting 'Creation of Adam' where God's finger is reaching out to touch Adam—bend your mind with a surreal image—you can reach out and almost touch the medieval stone arched bridge over the flowing Arno River.

Category: Hotels
  • Review - Hotel Art & Spa Las Cumbres - Solanas - Uruguay - The Wise Traveller

Hotel Review: Hotel Art & Spa Las Cumbres, Solanas, Uruguay

Hotel Art & Spa Las Cumbres will give you one of those gobsmack moments that occasionally happens when checking into a hotel. Merely looking at the website only gives you a tiny glimpse of what is in store for you at Las Cumbres.

Category: Hotels Review
  • Six Sustainable Luxury Hotels in Europe - The Wise Traveller

Six Sustainable Luxury Hotels in Europe

Gone are the days when you had to choose between staying in a sustainable hotel or luxury accommodation. There are now an abundance of hotels that combine the two, offering luxurious stays and stylish interiors while making their facilities as

Category: Hotels

Hotel Review: Home Hotel—A Secret Garden in Buenos Aires

Argentina's Buenos Aires - Home Hotel is eye candy from the moment you walk through its unassuming entrance in the leafy barrio of the narrow streets of Palermo Hollywood that is home to designer gear, must-have decor items, chic bars and applauded trendy restaurants.

Category: Hotels Review
  • Review - Mercure Hotel Wiesbaden City - Germany - The Wise Traveller

Hotel Review: Mercure Hotel Wiesbaden City, Germany

Location:Wiesbaden is the capital city of the Hessen, a region in central Germany, but is often overshadowed by Frankfurt, its international neighbor, which is a mere 40 minutes away by regional railway or car. The city is known for its famous

Category: Review Hotels

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